Sturdi-Extend Extension Poles

Sturdi-Extend Fiberglass/Steel Threaded Extension Poles.

American Select Tubing’s Sturdi-Extend threaded extension poles have been engineered to meet all professional’s standards with all components made in the USA.  Two-part, double-locking handle.  Engage the interior locking mechanism by extending the inner pole to the desired length and rotating clockwise to lock in place.   Reinforce this position by tightening the exterior locking collar.  This threaded extension pole has been designed to be durable, minimize flexing and meet the requirements of professional use yet lightweight for everyday household use.  The exterior handle is made of smooth fiberglass with a comfortable grip at the base.  The interior pole is made of cold rolled, powder coated steel. The universal threads are zinc die cast and will fit most standard threaded tools. 

Commonly used on tools for painting, cleaning and other applications.